AraChem is a fine chemicals company from the Netherlands.

We offer dedicated Contract Research and Custom Synthesis services, on exclusive basis, at competitive price. Our experience in the field of organic synthesis and catalysis beside our entrepreneurial attitude allow us to respond and satisfy consistently your specific requirements.

AraChem is highly involved in:

Modern Organic Synthesis (from traditional to asymmetric synthesis).

# Heterogeneous Catalysis (catalysts preparation, catalysts screening, optimization of the parameters of the catalytic process...).

# Homogeneous Catalysis (ligand preparation, catalyst immobilization, performance testing...).


We will welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular requests, and look forward to answering your inquiries.

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Contract Research & Custom Synthesis

Postal address: Kraaivenstraat 36-16, 5048 AB TILBURG, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 137505805        Fax: +31 407115603
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