AraChem offers beside custom synthesis products, a wide variety of compounds/chemical intermediates from gram scale to multi-kilogram quantities for manufacturing purpose.You can fully rely on the work flexibility of our Synthesis Teams combined with their high skill to support the priority of your project and to satisfy your needs.

In the brochure AraChem-Bioorganic you can get an insight into our involvement in life science chemistry.

AraChem is committed to confidentiality, reliability and delivery of quality products. Below are listed the major groups of products that we offer to our customers. You are invited to check the group of interest to view the list of available products:

Section-1: Life Science Products

# Carbohydrate.

# Cyclodextrins and derivatives at:

# Amino acids and derivatives (including unnatural amino acids...).

# Enzymes substrates and dyes for labeling of bioorganic molecules.


Section-2: Fine Chemicals & Intermediates

# Chiral building blocks.

# Heterocyclic compounds (pyridine, pyrimidine, phenothiazine, and derivatives...).

# Chemical reagents.

# Catalysts (homogeneous catalysts & ligands, heterogeneous promoted catalysts).


If the product of interest is not listed, we will welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular requests with you and to make you a competitive offer. Please send your inquiry to: and let us know how to contact you.


All requests will be treated with high confidentiality